Green Curry and Caviar

unnamedGreen Curry and Caviar: The Mystery of Arash Asahvi is not a classic romance, and yet it is a love story, an extraordinary account of love on many levels. Neither is it a cookbook, but it is a mix of savoury adventures steeped in the tantalising flavours of Bangkok, its foods, its markets, and its grand hotels. Nor is this a travel book, and yet for everyone it becomes a journey. Brimming with colour and fragrance, the novel is spiced with curiosity, the perfume of jasmine blossoms, and the smoke of burning joss sticks.

We glimpse a Bangkok unknown to tourists, visiting the markets, shrines, Buddhist temples, monks, and deified mediums. Green Curry and Caviar is not a mystery, and yet its very essence is mystery: the mystery of the missing Iranian, Arash Asahvi, the mystery of political intrigue, the mysteries of Thailand and Buddhism, mysticism and meditation, the metaphysical and the spiritual, and ultimately, the great mystery of life itself.

About the Author

Author_Polasit_PixTui Polasit was transferred with the New Zealand government to work with the SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organisation) Military Planning Office in Bangkok. She married a Thai and raised two children while working for the Australian Embassy and later the Bangkok Bureau of The New York Times. She now lives in Sydney, Australia where she has worked for HKTDC, as well as a trade publisher and an antiques auction house. This is her first book and it is based on true events. “As described in my story, to cross reference various leads and prophesies and to later find that they almost always tallied with actual events was truly astounding.”