Baxter Cover WebAuthor Valerie Baxter explores the life-and- death existence of partisans fighting in the French Resistance during World War II.

Nicole du Bois, a young Anglo/French woman, sets out for France as a patriot to help the ever-decreasing Her old family home in Blois becomes her base. The Chateau at Blois is occupied by the SS and the Gestapo, so Nicole ingratiates herself to a very handsome high-ranking SS Officer named Sigmund, in the hope she can glean more information to pass on to the Allies.

Set in 1941, the novel tells of Nicole’s bravery in France and Poland, and her unexpected romance with Sigmund. The story shows that some Germans involved in death camps were not cruel and unfeeling, and Sigmund was one of the very few who aided the enemy.

Nicole’s relationship results in a passionate affair between the two of them, marriage, and the union of two opposites becoming of like mind. Nicole’s time as a resistance member enables her to save many lives, but it also causes her to commit murder and to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This unforgettable war story honours brave and selfless people who overcame many obstacles … with the Valerie Baxter was born on 15th March 1942 in Gravesend in Kent, England. Gravesend is situated on the River Thames and is where Princess Pocahontas is buried. She was inspired to write this story by the brave troops who have given their lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and, of course, the two World Wars.

My Precious Sunbeam

unnamedSemi-autobiographical, Valerie Baxter writes of a religious woman who marries an atheist in the action-packed romance novel My Precious Sunbeam.

Alice was born during World War II in Gravesend, Kent, England, where she is raised, nurtured, and deeply loved by her maternal grandparents. Brought up in the Salvation Army faith, her dream is to become an officer with her own corps and to do missionary work overseas.

After a broken relationship with Carl, who Alice hoped to marry and work side by side as officers, she moves to London and becomes a commissioned officer. There she unexpectedly meets Carl again and they marry. Eventually the couple journey to the Sudan as missionaries. But Carl leaves Alice when he falls for another woman, even though Alice is pregnant with their first child.

Alice’s faith has been sorely tested, turning her away from religion. It takes a reunion with James, a young doctor who worked with her at the medical mission in Sudan to bring Christianity back into her life. Although James is an atheist, his love for Alice draws him into missionary work, this time in Zambia, where the now married couple live.

Faces of Evil: A Tale of Murder and Mystery

One night, an intruder wakes Jenny as he searches for the deed to a mine he believes belongs to him. Jenny and her housekeeper, Rachel, start a thorough search of the attic at Brambles, her family home, for any clue as to whether a mine exists. Strangely, a wing commander named James Williams arrives unexpectedly with a large cheque, stating the amount is her father’s share for the sale of the mine they jointly owned.

Jenny has no knowledge of a mine nor of James Williams. Oddly, James is unaware that Jenny’s father has died. During a continued search for evidence of the mine, Jenny discovers what appears to be a secret life led by her father. Having come across an intriguing photograph, she sets off with Piers, her best friend and solicitor, to try to learn about the existence of any mine and the significance the photo has to her family. Thus begins a sequence of terrible events in A Tale of Murder and Mystery.

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