Author Victoria D. King

Her Strong Tower

Samantha’s ex-husband can’t let her go. He doesn’t want her, but doesn’t want anyone else to have her, either.

A chance meeting at Samantha Gardiner and Antoine Sims’ twenty-fifth high school reunion reawakens strong feelings neither knew still existed. As their love for each other grows, so do the obstacles threatening to keep them apart.

Samantha is strong in the business world, but weak in her personal life. Now faced with the promise of a growing romance with Antoine, Samantha refuses to accept anything less than total honesty and openness, even if it means the end of a relationship that could have been something special.

Can Antoine finally release the guilt surrounding the deaths in his family for which he feels personally responsible and find love again? Are his new feelings strong enough to risk revealing his secret past? Antoine was Samantha’s tower of strength during her troubled teen years. Can he be that again?

About the Author: A Cleveland, Ohio, native, Vicki D. King is the author of six books, including three other romance novels, one biblically based inspirational book, and two children’s books. She came up with the idea for this story after attending her twenty-fifth high school reunion, where similar instances occurred. “I just took things one step further and thought, I wonder what would have happened if …” The author has been married to Bill King for over 30 years, has two grown children, and two grandsons.

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Amy’s Friendship Bracelet

Amy Taylor, now in the sixth grade at Longwood Academy, is learning a valuable lesson about friendships. Because of her father’s huge promotion at work, the family is able to afford a house nearer to the academy. The good news is that Amy no longer has to take the school bus. The bad news is that she no longer lives in the same neighborhood as her long-time best friend Naomi Davis.

Amy is finding it increasingly difficult to spend time with Naomi. Instead of just Amy and Naomi doing things together, Amy’s new school friend, Michelle Porter, has squeezed herself into the mix.

Naomi is not pleased that over the remainder of summer vacation, her time with Amy is increasingly being shared with Michelle. From bike rides to art projects to shopping at their favorite craft store, things are changing between the old friends.

Amy hasn’t noticed the effect Michelle’s company is having on her relationship with Naomi.  How long will Naomi play third wheel, taking a back seat to Amy’s relationship with Michelle? Will it be too late for Amy to restore her friendship with Naomi?

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Taking AIM: Affirming, Inspiring, and Motivating

Taking AIM: Affirming, Inspiring, and Motivating is a compilation of over two hundred inspirational and anecdotal stories that were written to affirm, inspire, and motivate the reader.
The majority of the anecdotes are prefaced with God’s Word to assist in bringing home how His principles apply to our daily lives. The stories are taken from the things that occur during our normal, everyday lives. They could be about our daily commute, waiting in the line at the grocery store, or doing such mundane chores as taking out the garbage.

The collection of stories can be enjoyed in a number of different ways. It can be read from cover to cover, used as a daily devotional, or a specific title from the index can be read.

The author hopes this compilation encourages you to delve further into God’s Words. This book is meant to help you overcome the negative forces that threaten to keep you from living the life God meant for you to live.

The Search is Over

9781681811062-King_CV.inddNatalie Porter and Mitch Williams have been best friends for the past ten years. But, unfortunately for Natalie, that relationship has grown to where she feels more for Mitch than mere friendship. She is in love with him and fails to understand why he continues to only see her as a platonic friend.

Whenever Mitch wants to spend an evening with someone, doing something more than bar hopping, Natalie is the first person who comes to mind. What pains Natalie even more is Mitch’s insistence on comparing prospective romantic interests to her. In Mitch’s eyes, these young women never seem to measure up to the type of person Natalie is. “Why can’t he find someone like Natalie?”

However, when Mitch learns that Natalie is dating, he then discovers his feelings for Natalie go a bit deeper than their just being best friends. But did Mitch wait too long? He knows now his search for the ideal woman is over. How does he convince Natalie that she is more than just the girl next door?

Amy’s New Dress

Amelia Taylor, or Amy as she likes to be called, misses Wallace Elementary, her old school, and her long-time friends. She especially misses Naomi Davis, her best friend.

This year, her parents are making her attend a new school, Longwood Academy. Not only does she have to deal with being lonely, but for some reason several of the girls in her new fourth grade class have decided to make fun of her clothes.

Amy understands that her parents brought her to this new school to give her more of a challenge. She hopes that dealing with the bad behavior from her classmates isn’t the challenge her parents wanted for her.

How does Amy solve the problem of the daily bullying, taunting, and teasing from her classmates?

Vicki D. King, who once wrote romance novels, recently delved into a scripturally based compilation of inspirational blogs, and has now added children’s books to her repertoire. Although Amy’s New Dress is not the typical children’s story, it carries a strong message that brings to light the issue of bullying and bad behavior in schools. The author has been married to Bill King for over 30 years. They live in Ohio, and have two grown children and two grandsons.

About the Author

King Web PicVictoria D. King is an avid reader of romance novels. She resides in Ohio and has been married to her wonderful husband for more than 30 years. She has two grown children and two grandsons.