We have published more than 5000 authors…

11111Bookstack-w-White-Kindle_.fwWith more than 5,000 published authors, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency (SBPRA) has the experience, expertise, and international connections that authors need. We help authors successfully publish and market their books.

Beginning with your initial ‘Get Started’ submission, we may want to consider you for publishing and marketing. SBPRA provides detailed and attentive care for all of our authors.

Once your book is published, we will help to aggressively market and sell your book. We have a highly sought after team of marketing professionals who are passionate about your success.


If we select your book as one we would like to add to our roster of award-winning books, you will be able to choose the contract that best suits your needs. Can you presell or buy 100 books in advance? If so, we will publish your book with no production fees! Looking for serious royalties? Look into our Joint Venture Program and learn about our 50/50 split. Please use this form to get started.


SBPRA is growing through acquisition. We are an amalgamation of companies and investors that wish to participate in the dramatic changes that are sweeping through the publishing industry. We are buying publishers from around the world and creating partnerships with publishing companies in multiple countries.

Our most recent acquisition was of a US company with 2500 published authors. Our distribution is through Ingram in the US/UK and we are setting up distribution now in Australia. We start with print on demand until the market is proved for the book. We use Ingram’s printer, Lightning Source, for any print runs less than 500 books. After demand warrants a bigger print run, we get quotes from China and India.

We are aggressively expanding beyond the US into the UK, China, and Australia.

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