Animal Bridge by Wende Gripentrog

978-1-62516-247-2-WGripentrogCoverAbout the Book

One day three children playing outside decide to take a rest under a big oak tree. As they drift off to sleep, little did they know that they are lying upon a path or “bridge” that the animals cross one by one, starting with the smallest.

As parents read this book to their children at bedtime, they should mimic the animals walking across the bridge on the children’s bellies. Small ants tickle, frogs hop, porcupines poke, and the snake slithers; don’t move or he may bite!

This is a wonderful way to bond with your children and send them off to sleepy land with giggles and tickles. It is also a unique way to teach children about different animals, their sizes and the sounds they make. Many times while playing Animal Bridge with my own children, I would let them pick the animals that came next over the bridge, even choosing the final ENORMOUS animal for the climatic ending. This could be a dinosaur eating them up, an elephant squishing them with kisses, or a beached whale flopping around and rolling all over the bed! Hooray for Animal Bridge!

About the Author

First-time author Wende Gripentrog is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a bachelor of science in organizational communications and psychology/behavior modification. Formerly she worked in public relations, special event planning, marketing, and fundraising. She now resides in Puerto Rico as an ex-pat with her husband of 23 years, and assists other families with relocation. She is a homemaker to three beautiful children, who are the inspirations for the children in the book.