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About the Book

It isn’t always four walls and a roof that make a home.

This suspense novel follows the rescue and rehabilitation of a victim in such a home.

Living with the trees, birds, and sunny nature at a botanical garden in Melbourne, Australia, Patto didn’t need to remember anything of his past. Saved from death, he was accepted into the gardens.

Others in the city see more in this well-dressed old man. Fascination and love tug at the heart of Milanda, an elite psychiatrist. She takes on the cause to discover a release from Patto’s onset dementia.

Orisis, a newspaper reporter better known as Grille for her ability to get answers, knows of a hit gone wrong in the botanical garden two years previously by uniformed police officers.

Paths cross in the botanical garden with questions asked, and famous Melbourne buildings provide meeting places for unlocking the past of Patto, Milanda, and Orisis.

As Patto’s true identity is revealed, Milanda helps find ways of rejuvenation for his traumatised brain and memory function.

It takes the skill of a returned Afghanistan war hero with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who saved Patto from death, to infiltrate and use his espionage training to locate secrets buried within a police command building.

The answers from the past may not suit the future.


Fragments of My Mind: A Ride Through Time978-1-62516-837-5-DONeillCover

About the Book

The heartfelt poetry in Fragments of My Mind: A Ride Through Time represents a grandfather’s thoughts and emotions about his family’s struggle to understand the effects of spinal muscular atrophy on his five-year-old granddaughter.

The book began as touching true stories about author Desmond B. O’Neill’s grandchild and her parents. He wrote down his feelings about the despair, happiness, fighting spirit, and the love that has brought the family together. His words turned into a book of poems touching on a variety of other subjects.

The author wrote the book for guests celebrating his 60th birthday. After crafting the poems, they touched so many hearts that he was asked to put them in a book. The poems range from funny stories of childhood, to sentimental issues such as dealing with cancer, bullying, and childhood disabilities.

His friends wrote:
Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it. I have a small tear. It’s so so so sweet.” – Faye Wareing
Des, I’m lost for words. This is a beautiful piece of writing, really.” – Susan Lia
Lovely words and sentiments, Des! A true Aussie poet.” – Leeanne Vernon

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About the Author

First-time author Desmond B. O’Neill lives in Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia. He dedicates this book to his five-year-old granddaughter, Chloe, who has felt the effects of spinal muscular atrophy.