The Game Evil Plays by R. L. Stover

978-1-62857-281-0-RLStoverCoverAbout the Book

Ten-year-old Robbie and his family move into their new home, but the house is already occupied. In the chilling novel The Game Evil Plays, the young boy and his dog Bandit must take on a serial killer!

The maniac in his house is not a modern-day murderer, but rather the presence of a maniacal spirit that has been haunting the house since the mid 1800s. Robbie and Bandit’s connection is so strong that they have the ability to communicate telepathically. Are their bond and their faith strong enough to defeat pure evil at its own game?

Turn on all the lights and lock all the doors before you start reading The Game Evil Plays, because the shocks just keep on coming.

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About the Author

First time author R. L. Stover lives in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Growing up, his best friend was his dog named Bandit. He is writing the sequel.