Reader – April 2016

Amanda, I purchased your book and couldn’t put it down. I can relate to so much that you went through and it really helped me to realize my life will get better and that going through with divorce is the best choice for me and my children. Your book really gave me hope and I see things so much more clearly now! Thank you so much for sharing your story. He really did help me. My divorce will be final May 2016 and I know there is something better out there for me. I have hope!

Reader – April 2016

Hi Amanda – I reached out a long time ago and the information you provided me with was very helpful. You guided me to your book, Hope Street, which was so amazing to read. I actually read it again for the second time, I felt like I needed it. After reading it again I took in a lot more information. I finally got up the courage to leave my husband and filed for divorce.

Reader – February 2016

Thank you Amanda. I think every day I am getting to the point of leaving. Nothing about this relationship is good. It’s poison and I will look for support to help me. You are right. I shouldn’t have to suffer because of him. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out and responding to me. I’m just in a very dark time at the moment and your words helped me.

Reader – December 2015

Thank-you for your reply. I read your book and it helped immensely. I also think that you are an amazing woman to go through everything and to help so many people who have been through the same or similar. Thank you so much. Xxxxx