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The Writer

After writing a series of children’s books under the name Sugarland Books, author Harold Krakower “decided to use my imagination to write this beautiful story about a lonely author and the woman he meets, and what happens to them both over a period of time. This is not a story of love, but more a story of two people with their own set of problems that they must deal with, and over time how this changes their lives.”

Franz Zellar is The Writer. He lost his wife and his children have moved away. Now living in isolation on a farm, he finds it very difficult to come up with a new idea for a novel. His mind is blank. Franz goes for a walk to the village and meets Belinda, a beautiful artist, but she has her own problems.

Belinda is a schoolteacher from Norway who ran away from her native land for a number of reasons. She is trying very hard to change her life, but cannot deal with having a relationship, so she runs away.

Later on, Franz and Belinda meet again and learn how both their lives have changed.

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About the Author

Harold Krakower was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Now retired and living in Toronto, he spends his time writing. “As my grandchildren say, I am a storyteller and I put those stories to paper.”