Once a Boy by J. J. Irwin

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J. J. Irwin was Once a Boy growing up in Jolly Old England during the late 1950s and ‘60s, a time we now look back on as a simpler era, and we often call the good old days.

Read about the customs of the times, which foreshadowed the computer age, and what it was like to grow up in a working-class family in southern Britain, where people didn’t have a great deal, so “some of us used to write stuff.” The book shines a light on a young boy’s interaction with the world and gives an accurate insight into the social structure of the time.

“Drawing on personal childhood experience, I’ve tried to portray a vivid picture of the customs and styles of that period, along with typical children’s play and adventure, while describing products, systems, and technologies that were evolving,” says the author. “Children become adults, but the child remains within us all. Therefore, this book is dedicated to children, however old you may be.”

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About the Author

J. J. Irwin was inspired to write this book when he realized that truth can be far more intriguing than fiction. The author grew up in Northfleet, a town near the Thames Valley in southeastern England. His next book is an adventure about the founding of London during Roman times, which jumps forward to the 20th century.