Author Matt Rufo

Good Night, Grammy

Five-year-old Samantha is very sad. Her grandmother has just died.

How do parents deal with their children’s grief, as they themselves are suffering the same loss?

Good Night, Grammy shows how one family helps their daughter remember the loss of her beloved grandmother.

One night as Samantha is getting ready for bed, her mother asks her what book she would like to be read.

Suddenly sadness fills Samantha’s face and tears fill up her little eyes.

“What’s wrong, Samantha?” Mom and Dad are very concerned.

“I was thinking of Grammy and how she would read me stories before bed and cuddle with me in the big rocking chair. I miss hearing her voice. It would calm me before bed and it just makes me so sad.”

Dad gets a tissue and Mom wipes her tears and consoles her. Mom tells Samantha, “We all miss her so much. What can we do to make you feel better?”

Samantha thinks. “Actually Mommy, can I do a bedtime prayer for Grammy?”

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make us feel better.

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Amanda the Anteater Stops Eating Ants

Everyone loved Matt Rufo’s first two children’s adventures, Freddie the Frog Flying His Frisbee and Freddie the Frog’s First French Fries.

Now, with his third book in a series based on alliteration, comes a new character, Amanda the Anteater.

Amanda feels she needs to try eating something other than ants. She has her own thoughts and ideas on this, trying out such foods as apples and avocados. Join Amanda in her food-finding adventure.

How many ants could an anteater eat if an anteater could eat ants? Amanda the Anteater can’t eat any ants, because she stopped eating ants!

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Freddie the Frog’s First French Fries

Everybody loves french fries!

In the second book of the continuing children’s book series featuring Freddie the Frog, Freddie is tired of eating flies. Being a curious frog, he loves to try new things. But trying new things can be scary.

Watch Freddie go from flies to fries!

Putting aside his fears, he finds that after eating french fries … and frankfurters … he loves them.

Join Freddie the Frog as he “pigs out” on his new favorite food, french fries.

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Freddie the Frog Flying His Frisbee

Children will love reading about Freddie, the fun-loving frog who learns how to fly a Frisbee with the help of a firefighter friend.

One day Freddie saw Frank the Firefighter flying an object back and forth with his firefighter friends. Freddie asked Frank about this flying object and Frank said, “Freddie, this is a Frisbee! It is so much fun to watch it fly through the field from friend to friend. Do you want to try it?”

It looked so exciting to Freddie that he was determined to try. But doesn’t flying a Frisbee require using hands? So how can a frog do it? Find out in the charming children’s tale Freddie the Frog Flying His Frisbee.

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Author Bio:

Matt Rufo grew up in Brighton Massachusetts, where four generations of his family lived in the same house, and his parents still reside there. The author now lives in Framingham, Massachusetts. His wife, Tara, an elementary school teacher, “always pushed me to keep writing. My mom always supported my writing. When my daughter, Samantha, was born, I really wanted something fun and smart to read for her.” This is his first children’s book, with more to come.