Lord, I Shall Be a House of Prayer!

Lord, I Shall Be a House of Prayer! is about Christians who do all the “right” things: go to church, read their Bible, and occasionally pray. Even so, they are not seeing answers or impactful transformation in their lives.

Many are missing the essential and important ingredient in the Christian “walk,” and that is an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

This book is about more than getting our prayers answered, it is about establishing and perfecting our relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through prayer.

We explore the importance of prayer, how to elevate our prayer life, how to heighten our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and how to translate our routine prayers into fervent and explosive prayers.

If you are tired of your prayers being earthbound and not ascending to the Throne Room, this book is for you.

I am an evangelist from Cleveland, Ohio. This is my first book, but it definitely will not be my last. I am founder and CEO of Lord Make Me a House of Prayer Ministries. I can be heard every Saturday morning on the Heavenly Host International Radio Talk show “Am I My Sister’s Keeper? Yes I Am/ Real Talk.” I can also be seen and heard twice a month on KAZ Radio and TV, ministering on “How to Perfect our Relationship with Jesus Christ!”