Tse Yu’s University by Zhong Qiushi

978-1-62516-480-3-ZQiushiCoverAbout the Book

Tse Yu’s peaceful college life is forever shattered when she is raped by a soldier who is later honored as a hero on the battlefield.

Tse Yu’s University takes place in the 1980s, when there was a defensive war on the southern border of China. After her rapist returns to the front, Tse Yu discovers she is pregnant. She and her roommate decide on a secret abortion, but then she hears the news from the front that the soldier who raped her made a heroic sacrifice in battle.

Her love of life awakens Tse Yu’s instincts as a mother, and she decides to drop out of school for a higher calling.

From a modern perspective, the author completed the contemplation of a heroic era, and as a consequence, this tragic story shows irony. The novel first appeared in “Time Literary,” was reprinted by “Selected Stories and Novella Monthly,” and was made into the TV series “Flowers in May.”

About the Author

Zhong Qiushi graduated from the Central University for Nationalities in economics. He has been published in “China’s Annual Best Novel,” “21st Century Annual Fiction,” and others. He is the winner of the Novella Monthly Award, Selected Novels Award, and the Zhejiang Outstanding Literary Award. The author is a member of the Wenzhou Literary Federation and the Chinese Writers’ Association, and is currently the associate editor of “Jiangnan.”