A Journal of Healing Dedicated to Those Who Have Loved and Lost by Carlene Hall-Sylvan

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You Are Not Alone in Your Bereavement! ‘Journal’ Lights the Way

Written by a woman who has Loved and Lost, this heartfelt book is about healing, acceptance, and metamorphosis.

A Journal of Healing Dedicated to Those Who Have Loved and Lost takes readers on a journey through the traumatic existence of a widow, as she tries to cope with the challenges and changes that occur after the death of her husband. She states, “I only found peace after I wrote my thoughts on paper. That is when the journey began.”

Author Carlene Hall-Sylvan struggles to maintain balance and stability in her home, but the greater battle is in the recesses of her mind, where pain and grief are real and personal. The book is about her emergence into someone with a changed philosophy of life and existence.

Nothing can hide the tears that flow under the cover of darkness, but when the sun shines, this woman is ready to face each day with hope.

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About the Author

Carlene Hall-SylvanCarlene Hall-Sylvan is a teacher in Trinidad. This is her first book, which was motivated by “feelings of helplessness and doubt as I moved from one hurdle to the other. I understand the meaning of ‘the domino effect’ now, and I have learnt that the only way to stop it is to lean on a force that is stronger than you are.”