Mr.Bumble Takes a little tumble

The Eternity of Being a Global Explorer and a new lease of lifeIMG_6882


The fires of life, the fresh dew of spring.

Our writing is predominantely about travel and adventure in different parts of the world. But its also about what can go right and what can go wrong. Therefore it’s with great pride and pleasure that we present a mastery of vision.

We focus on Florida, Cape Town, Greece and Croatia and finally Beijing,

We firmly believe that each adventure has been written and edited to bring out the best of worse in what any place of interest can offer.

We also highlight any underlying issues that need more attention, such as the development and infrastructure

it’s a little hard to point or project a favorite place because  there were so many factors which determined the outcome of each trip.

The fact that we like to travel is an understatement,

Historically, geographically, linguistically, and culturally speaking, all the places did offer a great deal in not just the quality of life but most importantly of all, why this place is either under the spotlight or indeed neglected.

To Danny, Florida was just about money, with a lot of material attractions and oceanic nature blended into one. Despite Florida being expensive, many people visit this part of the world and enjoy it, especially Key West (Florida Keys).

Cape Town projected a rather more turbulent past but with a forthcoming enlightenment in a country that still has much to offer in terms of its wildlife, geography, and citizens.

Danny’s original expectation of Greece and Croatia was quite high, but this changed due to the lack of modernization, which was a bit surprising plus little or no evidence of a change for the better when he was there.

The overall content also depicts a better understanding from an individual’s point of view in relation to identifying one’s own career, social or geographical prospective. The media has often focused on certain aspects of all four places over a long period of time.

Interestingly enough, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States have a position in the world as to the geographical ideology for the way the land masses have formed and consequently affected the quality of life.

Cape Town has been more traditionally known as one of the more volatile parts of the world, together with Israel. This is due to political and religion conflicts which still remain unsolved today.

For each, we have done our utmost to filter out the parts that will appeal to your feelings from the first to the last page. Remember one final thought as to the amount of work that went into the stories because your pleasure is our delight.

So please enter a realm of new worldly vision and tradition so help me underlying and everlasting God. Amen

Danny has written other fact finding books which will ultimately be published at some point in the future. The reason for this is the world is forever changing for better or indeed for worse.

Whatever your reason for reading this introduction we would like to thank you for spending some precious time and sharing your thoughts with ours.








Thought for the moment

We all have ultimate goals in life for being alive on all five.

We all need to be well educated, elated without being too

disconcerned when carrying that iron urn.

We all need to be alert just like good ole Burt who thankfully wasn’t so badly hurt.

We all need to understand what is good or bad just like Jack the lad or Captain Kidd with a tin lid.

My ultimate goal in life is to find happiness on top of Loch Ness with pint of black stout or Guinness strapped around my head.

My ultimate goal in life is also to find a lease for some permanent

peace and enjoy my eternal moment while chasing some wild geese.


We all have ultimate goals in life while eating

some fresh fish alive five alive.

We all have fantasies and fables with a combination of some

good ole green chives all the way from the Maldives.


The main subject of this piece of prose is projected at

Danny Teller who is a classic story or fortune teller.

You can be sure that i believe i am within

this world for the sake of good old cousin Ann.


But my ultimate goal in life would require me to

seek and think of mixed fortunes of banking cartels and

of course what have you not tied in a sailor’s knot


For all intents and purposes it would be fabulous to win

The Nobel Peace Prize for Literature.

You might very well say:

“Danny you are kidding me aren’t you”?


No I am definitely not joking because that really is my ultimate goal in life.

I chose a goal which is full of untold and unbelievable

challenges that really do matter to me and you and everyone.


I am convinced that it will materialize one day at Botany Bay,

or Ladrum Bay without delay on some fine summer’s day.


I will go on saying to myself, to you and everyone is the whole wide world that

my ultimate goal in life really is to win that ultimate prize which will be cut down right to size in disguise.


Most would doubt that this goal will ever come true.

Some might say to me; Danny please be realistic whenever

you play with picka sticks about what you can

and can’t do or achieve with Steve.