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300 Dog Food Recipes: Three-Ingredient Meals

This must-have cookbook for dog owners features over 300 nutritionally balanced fresh dog food recipes. Written by a veterinarian who is also a culinary school graduate, 300 Dog Food Recipes shows how fresh ingredients cooked and measured per each meal will produce the healthiest diet for any size dog.

The book includes cooking instructions, snacks, and feeding guides, as well as information on feeding dogs with illnesses.

After practicing veterinary medicine for over forty years, Dr. Amy Cousino wrote this book because she has seen thousands of dogs that were malnourished due to a diet of eating only processed dog foods. She has counseled pet owners about their dogs’ diets, inspiring a fresh food regimen.

Balancing the proteins and carbohydrates in foods and converting them to cooking measurements allows dog owners to make their own fresh food confidently.

“I think this cookbook will be a revelation for dog owners when they see that a board-certified veterinary nutritionist is not needed to feed a dog, and how inexpensive and easy the recipes are. The improvement in their dogs’ health will be rewarded by more years of companionship.” – Dr. Amy Cousino

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How To Cook For Your Pet

How To Cook For Your Pet is a cookbook written for all pet owners who love their pets. You can cook simple easy meals for your pet using these well-written recipes. Only basic cooking skills are needed. Kids 12 and up can make these meals with the supervision of an adult. All recipes are nutritionally sound for pets, not complex recipes more suited for human tastes. Many foods commonly eaten by people are unsafe for pets to eat.  These recipes contain only foods safe for feeding pets. This cookbook has detailed information about foods unsafe for pets, so that the home cook can avoid them.
The recent pet food recall gives us an urgent reason to home cook our pet’s food. Many thousands of pets have died or have been sickened by commercially made pet foods. Now you, the pet owner, can control the quality and wholesomeness of your pet’s food. Homemade real foods prepared with care at home are more nutritious & digestible, not toxic, and taste better.

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About the author

Dr Amy Cousino is a licensed veterinarian, a pet nutrition expert who has advised thousands of pet owners, and a professional cook, experienced in cooking techniques and food preparation & handling.