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Order in Court by David Osborne second book in the Toby Potts series revives the moods of a practicing lawyer, with great care and passion. The story of an experience, interspersed with flashes of life, and anecdotes that can definitely give you a pleasant reading.

Toby Potts, fresh from bar school and clutching his graduation certificate, is a youthful, wannabe trial lawyer, bursting of hopes along with thoughts and aim on becoming the top criminal advocate of his moment in time. He can barely hang around to stir a panel of judges with his perceptive grilling, his mastery of all things legal, and his fascinating concluding speeches.

Sadly, reality kicks in, and Toby finds the course to eminence and affluence is far from smooth and without incident. His trials and troubles take Toby as of his work to join the bar to his first brief when he represents the wrong client, through to his great tour de force at the Old Bailey, when he goes head to head with the upright Mr. Justice Boniface, recognized in the legal vocation as Old Sourpuss.

Chambers politics, solicitors who come and go on a quirk, eccentric patrons, and even alien and odd judges all play their part in Toby’s ascend up the slimy dowel of justice. Moments of courtroom theatre and more moments of high debacle mark Toby’s opening into the giddy globe of the criminal bar.

Well, the author emotionally overwhelms the reader because book tells the story of Toby, who with strength, determination, desire to do, learn everyday, in which the law degree is not enough, where everyday the young practitioner have to fight with a job, and will know how to understand and listen to needs.

Sometimes the story of this young, shy and inexperienced lawyer may seem quite obvious and naïve. However, the author draws us into a vortex of tension and emotion, which cannot help but make us appreciate this beautiful book and not only legal action then, but also content from major and profound implications, with some humorous splash.

The relationship that the young Toby establishes with his rank and file is really enjoyable and described simply that get straight to the heart who is easy to identify with, who, by choosing to become a lawyer would not feel motivated by sacred fury in a case such as that brought by the young protagonist.

The author for once is not limited to a profusion of legal jargon, to explain how to pick a jury and other things but puts humanity, and tells a story once so close to us small common people, with no superheroes, intricate and improbable plots including mega-companies, but simply the fate of a boy in front of opportunism in today’s society.

Beautiful, compelling, moving, sometimes ironic, every young or would-be lawyer will be able to identify with the bright young protagonist, trying in every way to make room in the judicial jungle to get his ransom to become a successful lawyer, with his own strength and certainly despite many difficulties.

The novel is exciting because it does not leave anything to chance with aspects, apparently secondary, to enthral everyone with the many adventures of Toby. Here is a novel that comes out of its kind, legal thriller, and fascinates the reader to the myriad nuances that are part of it.

Everything has its value, especially in an era in which the entry into the world of work is increasingly difficult and complex. The language used by the author is accurate and uses a sophisticated lexicon even too polished, here and there with some special terms. However the adventures of Toby arouse sympathy and inspire sweetness, telling a hypothetical reader his vicissitudes and sorrows for the hardships endured.

This book makes you think, not to feel alone, to understand that the battle you’re experiencing is common with many colleagues, and it helps to look at your neighbour with an a little different eye, that neighbour who maybe a practicing lawyer like you!

From a stylistic point of view, the book flows very well indeed with the language is blunt and at times rather polished. It’s a diary and as such reveal a very dense heart and soul of the protagonist.