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ISBN: 9781682357941 (Softcover)
ISBN: 9781682358764 (Hardcover)

Summer (with Collateral Damage): Book Four

Alyse Johnson has lived a sheltered life of privilege and wealth, growing up in her prominent family’s luxurious mansion on Jacksonville Beach. Now an attorney, she enjoys surfing and living a quiet life in her upscale beach condo.


But nothing in her past has prepared her for this wild crazy summer, and what she will go through at the hands of criminals invading her space, all while a Category 4 hurricane blows in off the Atlantic Coast, devastating and destroying her beach community.


Alyse and the Connor family lock themselves in trying to avoid the criminal forces running rampant in their storm-abandoned neighborhood.

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Random Summer Storms: Book Three — Family

Life can sometimes be a collection of random storms that we must weather, like ships at sea. Families maneuver these storms throughout their lives.

Ian and Dee Conner share the storms their family members experience in this third book of a series. The Conners are a close-knit family of five who live in a beach community, enjoying surfing, biking, and doing what most families do. Together they weather some tumultuous storms.

The couple tried to run from a big storm they created in California, moving to the east coast of Florida to start over and raise their family. They shut away the skeletons of their past, never telling anyone their secrets.

Other skeletons appear on both sides of Ian and Dee’s family trees, but often these skeletons (storms) are what bring families together.

Eventually, Ian and Dee realize that nothing can stop a raging storm: They must face the past to have a future. Their family and children must chart their own course in life. It may not always be what they hoped, but one day the storm will end, and the waters will calm. That is, until the next Random Summer Storms.

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ISBN: 9781948858984 (Softcover)
ISBN: 9781682358771 (Hardcover)

The Eyes of Summer: Another Summer with Ian and Dee

The Eyes of Summer is a fun-filled tale of adventure, mystery, and danger aboard a luxury yacht.

Ian Conner, a medical student interning at the University of California, Irvine, and his surfer girlfriend Dee live in Huntington Beach. The two are spending their summer on a 70-foot yacht moored at Catalina Island.

Naturally curious, Dee is a journalist for a local newspaper, leading the couple to soon suspect that some illegal activity is going on at another yacht. The situation turns sinister when they discover what they believe to be drugs and money laundering taking place.

In the blink of an eye, the couple’s summer jaunt turns from pleasurable to deadly.

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ISBN: 9781628570823 (Softcover)

Blow Out Summer

Surf, party, and romance take center stage in the breezy novel Blow Out Summer, as a group of local surfers in Huntington Beach, California, enjoy a summertime of hanging out and having fun.

Their story takes place in the mid 1970s, when no one was paying much attention to the drugs being brought into California at an alarming rate. But Dee Dee’s eyes are about to be opened.

Dee Dee lives in a very well-to-do area and is introduced to social drug experimentation and drug trafficking while maintaining a normal family life. She and her friends enjoy the surf up and down the coast of California.

Her friends run the gamut from the very wealthy to beach bums she met at the pier. Dee Dee’s lazy summer is spent under beautiful sunny days with slow drifting clouds and perfect barrel waves. But the ups and downs in her relationships and the dangers of dabbling in drugs ultimately force a decision that will change her life.

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