The Ultimate Vanishing Act by Eric LaMont Gregory

Gregory-Cover-WebAbout the Book

Eric LaMont Gregory provides an eye-opening account of American foreign policy and how the decisions made today will influence the forces that propel America into the future.

His international career began in the Middle East in the 1960s. Over the next 40-plus years, he was in Bosnia during the war; Rwanda before and after the genocide; Honduras after Hurricane Mitch; Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua during the Contra death squad era, and Afghanistan shortly after 9/11. He witnessed two famines in Ethiopia, conflicts in North, East, South and West Africa, as well as in the Middle East, and Central, South, and East Asia.

Gregory is unswerving in his assessment of the way America carries out emergency humanitarian relief operations, stating that while the goodwill of the American people plays out on the world stage, all too often we are making enemies, not friends.

The Ultimate Vanishing Act is an authoritative account of contemporary diplomacy and science. It is undeniably informative and a right riveting read.

“Detailed, revealing, charming, funny, witty, compassionate, sensitive, adventurous, and seductive.” – Naji, author of My Invisible Empire

About the Author

Eric LaMont Gregory, MSc Oxon, received his master’s degree from the prestigious Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine, Green College, Oxford University. The author is a world-class medical scientist, credited with unraveling the intricacies of blood flow in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of critically ill preterm newborn babies, as well as an international diplomat. To explain the relationship between his scientific and diplomatic pursuits, he says medical skills get one into the fray, while diplomatic acumen makes all sides want one to remain engaged.

To address the problems he has witnessed, Gregory plans to run for the U.S. Senate in 2016, on a platform to build an America that is secure, and in which economic security is a reality for all.