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Cousins_CoverWebLucky you! You have an audition. Now what?

An audition is a truthful clip of a moment lived in a surreal circumstance that must clearly exist in the actor’s mind, and carry physical weight and presence. It only takes knowing how.

Often, acting classes are about theater – scene study, performance, memorized lines, sets, costumes, etc., and the luxury of time. Auditioning for a part in film and television has its own skill set. Usually, an actor has one day to get ready, assess a character breakdown, the clothes on his back, perhaps a chair in an empty space, and a stranger with whom to read.

Gerry Cousins fashioned In the Moment as a direct segue into the professional world of film and television – emphasizing craft, focus, preparation, relaxation and commitment. In her workbook – as in the studio – she stresses individualism to meet each student’s needs – no single technique for all. Step by step, scene by scene, she builds on what went before and what to do next, until you’re there.

Whether an actor, trial lawyer, executive, sales and marketing professional, you have a voice that should be heard. “Who am I in this moment and how am I going to communicate that?”

Gerry will teach you how to prepare your script, make choices, and understand where you’re coming from. When it comes down to it – what people see, what they want to see – is not a role or character or piece of work, certainly not a performance. What they want to see … is you!

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About the Author

CousinsWebPicGerry Cousins has been writing for 25 years and founded her own on-camera acting school, IN THE MOMENT, in Studio City, California.