Karl the Grateful Dog: A story of rescue… by Jeff Ousley and Penny Wagner

978-1-62857-999-4-WagnerCoverAbout the Book

The beginning of a series, Karl the Grateful Dog takes you into the mind of a pet that has been dumped by his owner. This abandoned yellow lab thinks he’s too big and that no one will want him.

Karl was found tied to a fence near the river. Lonely and afraid, he barked and barked until he finally gave up. A local businessman named Carl, notices the depressed lab and brings him to a nearby animal shelter. Silently, staring out from his wire cage, Karl remembers the hunger and hurts from his previous owner, but that doesn’t seem as bad as being alone.

A kind man named Jeff reads an email showing Karl’s picture with the urgent message that the lab must be adopted soon or he will be euthanized. Jeff is mesmerized by the picture of the big, handsome dog! Driving thirty miles to the shelter, he intends to foster the dog until a permanent home can be found for him.

Something special happens on the drive from the shelter that leaves readers wondering: Who is really rescuing whom?