Author Lecon J. Murphy

The Last Soul

“You shall guard Joseph Martin all the days of his life….When the time is right, you shall reveal yourself to him.”

The voice of God the Father speaks to Trefenwyl, a captain in the Lord’s Host, and so Trefenwyl departs to be present for the boy’s birth. 

But the angel is not the only one watching over Joseph Martin. As the boy grows into a restless and unfulfilled man, demonic forces begin to encroach upon him. His life starts to spiral out of control and danger mounts, but Joseph discovers he has a new ally when Trefenwyl reveals himself and saves him from certain death.

However, greater challenges and more dangers await this very special young man as he struggles to recover his faith in the midst of an epic battle of good versus evil in the inspiring saga, The Last Soul.

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About the Author

Author Lecon J. Murphy wanted to create something that would help people realize there is forgiveness of sins and that they can be saved through the grace of Jesus Christ in The Last Soul. Apocalypsis continues the epic story, followed by the dynamic conclusion in Millennium’s Children. Lecon lives in Columbia, South Carolina.