About Bipolar Girl

Bipolar Girl: My Psychotic Self relates a 28-year journey of self survival. It is also an odyssey that will touch many lives. Maricela believes bipolar disorder is an illness that can make you stronger and more resilient. Maricela sees Bipolar disorder as an illness that changes the way you think, feel and perceive. “Thoughts of death flood your mind. Suicide symbolizes escape and when you’re manic it just causes a happy high, but lethal behavior. With that are psychotic features like delusions and hallucinations. You are in another world far from sanity. At the end of the roller-coaster you’ll soon discover you were always strong enough to survive it.”

Maricela grew up the youngest of five in a poor and violent neighborhood in East Los Angeles. Raised by a widowed Mexican mother, Maricela felt completely alone most of my life. Her isolation and depression only increased as she got older. Maricela attempted suicide for the first time when she was 14. Four years after her attempt, she fell into a psychotic and delusional episode and her family had no choice but to put her in a mental hospital where she was diagnosed with bipolar.

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About Beautiful Bipolar Bisexual

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Beautiful Bipolar Bisexual is an inspirational story about a woman living with bipolar disorder and the challenges she faces when she comes out of the closet.

Maricela’s strong faith in God helped her cope with mental illness, but when she discovers her true sexual orientation, she wonders if God still loves her. The author’s life spirals out of control when her former boyfriend is murdered.

Maricela always thought living with mental illness was the hardest thing she ever faced, but coming out of the closet was just as hard, and she struggles being accepted by her religious Catholic mother.

Her pain becomes unbearable after her beloved girlfriend, Caylee, is diagnosed with untreatable lung cancer. Maricela decides if her girlfriend dies, she will kill herself too so they can be together forever in heaven.

Surviving suicide made her realize that she would not let mental illness destroy her life. Hope came when she least expected it.

Maricela’s mental health recovery was through medication, therapy, support groups, spirituality, art, music, her service dog, and positive support from loved ones.

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Bipolar Girl: My Psychotic Self – 2nd Edition

Maricela Estrada was raised in East Los Angeles by her widowed traditional Mexican mother. The author felt depressed most of her life and missed having a father. Her first suicide attempt happened at age 14 and she survived multiple suicide attempts.

After high school, Maricela had a psychotic episode and was admitted into a psychiatric hospital, where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychotic features. She felt stigmatized and was in denial about her mental illness. Accepting it was the hardest thing she has ever done. But once she accepted it, her life changed in a beautiful way, allowing her to accomplish all her goals and embrace a beautiful life.

Maricela’s mental health recovery came through medication, therapy, attending support groups, prayer, emotional support from family and friends, and her emotional support dog, Gypsy Blue.

Bipolar Girl is an inspiring story of one woman’s journey through mental health recovery. This memoir demonstrates the true meaning of hope, resiliency, and faith, and it will touch many people’s lives.

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