The Rainbow Alchemist by Martin Bueno

bookCover-martin buenoA young girl, Rachel, mutters a mysterious chemical formula in her sleep – is she dreaming or is this message from beyond? Graham, an aspiring politician is caught up in his curiosity in the occult, an obsession which will ultimately decide his career and fate. Eva, Graham’s devoted secretary and companion is skeptical about anything to do with mysticism but finds herself unwittingly drawn into this magical world. Who are the speakers and why do they communicate through Rachel and Lady Sarah, a mannequin who stands proud on the porch of the Old Antique Store?

Martin Bueno’s debut novel, The Rainbow Alchemist, takes place in Toronto, Ottawa and New England and has all the intrigue of a new-age fantasy complete with a deep trance psychic, a Harvard chemistry professor and a lawyer determined to benefit from the formula.