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The Law of the Flaw

About the Book


Friendship is the strongest tie

Outside of kinship, no one can deny.

The specialness of kinship lies in a bond

That cannot be severed, and no one can buy.


Friendship embraces spousal connection

Tightening its bands on waning affection.

The specialness of friendship lies in a bond

Of caring, sharing, loving – it’s all emotional.


When two friends get together, they

Command a circle and perform miracles

Reflecting intimacy, camaraderie.

We’re all on a journey, loving and bonding,

And together, circling this miracle merrily.


Our Highest Priority: Embrace Courage, Abandon Fear

About the Book

This poetic collection of stories, Our Highest Priority: Embrace Courage, Abandon Fear, is brilliantly written and offers a foundation of thought that’s innovative and original. Stunningly illuminating and timeless, they capture the essence of daily life, its complication and simplicity, and give it vitality with “The world functions on a vision of hope.” This idea suggests there are no dead ends; only perseverance will produce results. It inspires courage, builds confidence, and quickens one’s desire for action in a world where dreams do succeed.

Daring and mesmerizing, these bold ideas deeply explore the quality of relationships, e.g., “Trust is essential to fuel persuasion”; or “A relationship based on jealousy cannot survive.” Factors that influence our world view and forces that impact our philosophy of life are all given scrutiny. We are encouraged to be proud of ourselves and our own accomplishments because we contribute to the greater cause. Using our life skills, we are shown roots of a problem and the approach to solve it.

Included are fascinating descriptions of how discipline and competition, faith, and optimism function in our world, e.g., “Discipline must be encouraged for competition to flourish”; and “Faith is reflected in our confidence, our inner sense of security.” These are attitude changers intended to energize our self-image and motivate us to let our imagination and our vision soar.

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