Russell Andersen

Fly on the Wall

“I wish I was a fly on the wall.”

We’ve all said those words before, but what really happens when we say them?

Meet Max Cohen, an angel living in human form in the city of Brooklyn, New York.

His job is very simple: Keep your nose clean, stay out of mankind’s way – and whenever those words are uttered – go and witness the event and report back to heaven.

Max has done his job successfully for millennia and has never had a problem, until he meets the lovely Georgia, and his world is thrown upside down.

He can think of nothing other than her. One night, while on an assignment, he allows himself to be seen in human form.

The same night, a murder takes place in an apartment building and Max is the only suspect. He not only has to prove his innocence to the wily veteran detective hot on his trail, but also to his superiors in heaven who want answers.

With the unlikely help of the mischievous Loki and that of Satan himself, Max sets out to prove once and for all that he is innocent.

Full of irreverent humor and politically incorrect settings, Fly on the Wall is a hilarious read that will keep readers entertained throughout.

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The Queen and I


Broadway is easy. Crossing an eccentric billionaire is what’s hard.

Jeffrey Rothstein discovers this in the dark comedy The Queen and I, about a Broadway playwright who makes one bad decision and then has his life forever changed in the most supernatural way.

With the help of the ghost of a 1920s drag queen, Jeffrey sets out to write the next big Broadway hit, while unknowingly being hunted by a sadistic madman with musical aspirations of his own.

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About Memoirs of a Jewish Vampire


Imagine being an immortal and knowing that you had to share your 6,000-year existence with your mother and grandmother.

Imagine if you were forced to watch the follies of humanity while causing problems of your own with famous figures from history.

Welcome to the world of Isidore Glassman, Izzy to his friends, in this politically incorrect romp through history, as seen from the perspective of a Jewish vampire.

Yes, a Jewish vampire.

Sometimes intellectual, often irreverent, and constantly hilarious, this story will make you rethink the way you look at vampires.

Memoirs of a Jewish Vampire: 6,000 Years of Kvetching projects a full-frontal assault on political correctness.

Meet Izzy’s best friends, Jerry and Shlomo, his mother who is frequently drunk and always embarrassing, and his beloved grandmother, Bubbe.

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About the Author

Russell Andresen was born and raised in Brooklyn,New York, in a mostly Jewish neighborhood where he developed his love of Jewish humor. He worked at the World Trade Center for fourteen years, surviving the attacks of 9/11. He left the excitement of the city and moved to the Southeast where he studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu and graduated with honors. His first novel, Are You Kosher? Memoirs of a Jewish Vampire, was released in 2010 to great reviews from Amazon and Goodreads.