From a Moth to a Butterfly by Susan Carey

About the Book

Carey_Cover_WebThis is a true story about the journey of autism and my three sons. My eldest is now 20, the second eldest is 18, and my baby is 17. Back when my children were born, people were not too familiar with autism and some had never heard of it.

The title From a Moth to a Butterfly emphasizes that my boys are not what labels them. They should not have to fit into the norm of society, but should be accepted for who they are. The moth represents how some perceive others with an invisible disability, while the butterfly is how I see my boys. They are beautiful, unique individual people, who will flourish like anyone else when given love and understanding.

When my lads were babies, I wrote my feelings in my diary. At the time, it was just to vent frustration, plus if you’re asked to log behaviors, it saves time if you’ve already begun doing this.

Last year my sons asked what it was like when they were young. I gave them my written notes, which they thought funny in parts and sad in others. They urged me to publish so others could find it helpful with their own challenges.

This book is based on true events that occurred throughout my sons’ lives. I’ve also written some deep poetry. My two younger sons, Michael and William, helped with the initial synopsis for the book. Michael wrote, “This is the story of how a mother ensures the best lives for her three sons is ultimately met.”

About the AuthorAuthor_Carey_photo

First-time author Susan Smith Carey is from Tallaght in Dublin, Ireland. “I am happy to think that my book and some of its suggestions may help other families.”