Cooking With Love

A good plate of food goes hand and hand with a good conversation. Tinika B Love, author and entrepreneur, lives up to her last name, as she has chosen to share her journeys around the world that are filled with both her passion for family and food in this coffee table memoir. Readers will glean a unique perspective of Tinika through her real-life stories.

She explores her past and the many roles she plays with others, from mother and wife, to entrepreneur and cook.

Tinika’s personal stories are the conversation piece, while her unique recipes tie into times of tragedy and learning. Each chapter tells a story that will resonate with readers who are able to connect fond memories to places, smells, and taste.

This book represents the unique life Tinika has led, and gives cooks, both beginner and advanced, new ingredients to try on well-known dishes. The author offers the opportunity for friends to gather around, get cooking, share some wine, and explore the short story of an overcomer. The conversation starters show that a journey can be rocky, but dark times, good food, and great company can create a survivor.

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About the Author:

Tinika B Love grew up in Spanish Harlem and currently lives in Danbury, Connecticut, where she is a life coach. Her story is one of an overcomer who faced challenges, discovered self-love, and is no longer a victim. Instead, she became a survivor. This is her first book.