Blue Speaks Eternally by Victoria Wagner


‘Blue Speaks’ to All of Us

A Fiction Novella of Planet Earth’s Dilemma (The Truth Told By a Whale)

Voices from Blue Speaks Eternally are a gift to all in their message from the deep.

This eye-opening story is told through the eyes of a young adult Blue Whale named Kip. Among his tales are the history of his family, its survival from extinction, and encounters with his ocean friends as well as one dangerous enemy. Startling news from humans atop the water brings a life-threatening message to Kip and all ocean life! Kip and the voices of other ocean creatures tell of the future for the planet as it stands now for mankind.

Blue Speaks Eternally is a reminder from the ocean and its inhabitants about the future of the planet, with an invitation to give planet Earth a legacy for its future.

Travel with whales as they migrate from the warm waters of Southern California to the changing waters of Alaska, which have been warming due to climate change.

5star-shiny-hrAbout the Author

Ms. Wagner’s interest in the Blue Whale and the oceans are a result of her lifelong travels sailing throughout the world. She holds an MBA from the Thunderbird Graduate School of Business. Issues of technology and ecology that affect our future life and the planet appear on her San Diego Examiner news reviews.

A whale watcher along the Pacific Coast for decades, she resides in California.

Balaenae Nobis Conservande Sunt
English: Save the Whales

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