Do You Want to Drive, or Do You Want to Bitch? Driving Under the Influence of the One You Love by Rabbi Sheldon Wayne Moss D.D., Ph.D.

About the Book

978-1-62857-537-8-RMossCoverRelationships Book Spells It Out: Do You Drive or Bitch?

“Couples argue in the car about each other’s driving. At one point, I turned to Barbara, my wife, and made an offer, ‘Do you want to drive or do you want to bitch about my driving?’ comments Rabbi Sheldon Wayne Moss. It spiked a hearty laugh and got us thinking.

As a research psychologist, Rabbi Moss has guided thousands of couples into more satisfying relationships. He has shown that using humor to bond is one relationship skill that is easily learned. He says, “We road tested this proactive choice throughout Barbara’s serious battle with cancer. I take the readers into a ground-shifting seminar of 20 couples describing how they stopped complaining, and nourished their bonding instead.”

In emotionally committed relationships, the book says it all comes down to a choice: Drive or bitch.

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