Dramatis Personae, Volume 2

A Pyrrhic Victory.
Volume II. Destiny Unfolds.

This is not an exhaustive list of the characters; it focuses on the principal characters. Principal characters and their positions are presented in order of their importance with regard to setting the historical and political stage.

PYRRHUS: King of Epirus and widower of Antigone, stepdaughter of Ptolemy, Pharaoh of Egypt.

ANTIGONE: Daughter of Berenice and stepdaughter of Ptolemy.

CINEAS: Athenian politician who has become Pyrrhus’s friend and advisor.

MENESTHEUS: Athenian scholar, friend and general of Pyrrhus.

DEMETRIUS: Son of Antigonus and widower of Deidameia, Pyrrhus’s sister. He controls much of central and southern Greece, as well as the great Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon. His ambition is relentless, and he wishes to increase his power in Greece, as well as regain his father’s lost territories.

ALEXANDER AND ANTIPATER: Younger sons of Cassander, who have become dual kings of Macedonia following the death of their older brother, Philip.

LYSIMACHUS: One of Alexander’s generals. King of Thrace, and part of Asia Minor.

PTOLEMY: One of Alexander’s generals. Pharaoh of Egypt.

BERENICE: Wife of Ptolemy and Empress of Egypt.

SELEUCUS: One of Alexander’s generals. King of Asia (Syria, Mesopotamia, and the eastern territories of Alexander’s empire).

ALEXICRATES: Pyrrhus’s wine steward.

AGATHOCLES: King of Syracuse, Sicily.

LANASSA: Daughter of Agathocles.

BARDYLLIS: King of Illyria.

BIRCENNA: Daughter of Bardyllis.

PANTAUCHUS: General of Demetrius.

MACHAON: Army surgeon and Pyrrhus’s personal physician.

TELECLEIDES: A Macedonian captain.

EURYPYLUS: A Macedonian captain.

GAIUS FABRICIUS: Roman senator and army commander.

APPIUS CLAUDIUS: An old and venerated Roman senator who guides his city to its DESTINY.

Most of these central characters are historical figures. The exceptions are; Menestheus, Telecleides, and Eurypylus. Also Machaon, except in a legendary sense. He was named after Machaon, a son of Asclepius, who served with his brother, Podaleirius, as a physician during the Trojan War.