Awards and Reviews, Volume III

Book Excellence Award Finalist, 2023

Chanticleer Awards 2022. Finalist, Series Genre Fiction

Recommended US Review of Books, 2022

Readers’ Favourite 5 Star Rating, 2023

Maincrest Media Award, 2023

NABE Pinnacle Award, Fall 2022

Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards, 2023

Book Review of A Pyrrhic Victory Volume III: Fate

After the reign of Alexander the Great came a new leader who stood against the crushing power of Rome in an epic feud that spanned decades and altered the course of history. Dr. Ian Crouch brings the past to life in this compelling tale of King Pyrrhus in his fact-based retelling, A Pyrrhic Victory Volume III: Fate. This third volume in the series begins where Volume II left off, in the aftermath of the Battle of Asculum.

A figure for the ages, Pyrrhus is a once-disinherited King who retook the throne of his Greek State, Epirus. Born before his time, the introspective king has grown into a thoughtful and compassionate leader, as well as a benevolent victor, despite his fickle enemies and reluctant allies. His keen sense of justice compels him to heroic acts, coming to the aid of those in need.

Pyrrhus navigates complex politics, warring nations, and exciting battles, bringing the full force of his elephant-enhanced army to bear against his adversaries. He faces dire proclamations and prophecies of death while fighting battles on both land and sea. In a war-torn world, he walks a fine line between victory and disaster, avoiding the latter with the aid of his keen intuition.

A skilled fighter, Pyrrhus uses diplomacy, overwhelming force, and even his javelin throwing skills, to maintain control of the factions he yearns to unite. Despite the numerous victories that leave conquered cities suffering from the ravages of war, when a final prophecy comes to fruition, he leaves behind a nation enriched by his exploits and a reputation for fairness and integrity that earns him the admiration of friend and foe alike.

Fate is a fascinating retelling of the ancient feud between Greece and Rome. It is an immersive experience based on well-researched historical accounts and blended with a flair of creativity that brings the characters to life. Dr. Crouch includes a complete bibliography and a range of maps to enrich the reader’s experience. – Review by Book Excellence (