Hello everyone and welcome to what I like to call the Kingdom of God blog site! My name is Toni Allen and first and foremost I am a servant of the Most High God serving in the areas of an evangelist, author, talk show and radio host and whatever capacity our Lord need me to fulfill.

I can be heard every other Saturday speaking on ” Perfecting our Relationship with Jesus on KAZ Radio and Tv every other Saturday. I can also be heard co-hosting with Evangelist Cheryl Wagner “Am I My Sister’s Keeper? Yes I am/ Real Talk on Heavenly Host International Radio every Saturday morning at 11:00. All broadcasts are centered around God’s Word, promoting Jesus and encouraging and equipping God’s people to live a victorious and triumphant life on earth. It is such an excitement doing the work of the Lord, spreading His Word , seeing His people saved, delivered and healed. There is no greater joy than knowing your purpose and walking in it!

And, that is the purpose of this blog site to promote Jesus, promote God’s Word, praying together and coming together as a Christian Community to inspire, encourage, uplift and motivate each other with biblical truths from the Word of God, which will lead us all to progressive transformation. Friends, that is my ultimate goal is to be daily transformed into the image of Christ and that is God’s will for all us! My intent is that we have a warm, loving and respectful interaction as we share, discuss and expound on the Word of God as we apply it to our lives. We are also here to offer prayer for one another, offer praying tips, simply being our brothers and sisters keeper as we grow together in Christ.

As we grow together in Christ, we as the body of Christ can be more impactful to the communities that we serve. In other words allowing those around us to get a little taste of Heaven through us; because we host the presence of God in our bodies!

SO WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM- LORD I SHALL BE A HOUSE OF PRAYER! BLOG; SITE AND PLEASE SHARE AND COMMENT! I am looking forward to the great and fun time we are going to have in the LORD!

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